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No single title can encompass the work of my lifetime
better than the one I was given many years ago,
Catalytic Agent,an agent of change that allows things to come together
without changing its own nature.
Over the years I’ve developed skills and techniques in many disciplines: photography, writing,
composing, videography, acting, producing, directing.
The human condition has been a major study for me,
including philosophy, religion, communications,
psychology and organizational development.
On my office wall is a list of all the things I’ve done for money,
from being a lumberjack to producing television.
Along the way I’ve worked with an array of corporations,
non-profits, small businesses, and government agencies.
How things work and where things are going
is a continuing interest for me.
Seeing the big picture and knowing the details
help me assess the process as it develops
and allows me to suggest directions and moves
that can bring a process
to an appropriate and timely completion.
It is my endeavor to make things better,
to bring clarity and purpose to any situation
and in the process,
allow others to find satisfaction and resolution
in the tasks they present me.
In this website photography is my primary focus.
Visit my contact page regarding other media.